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Schools with uniforms should provide a variety of clothing options. This allows students to express their individuality, culture and identity. It also prevents them from being policed by educators.

Before the first bell rings, stock up on wardrobe essentials at these uniform stores in NYC. From polos to khakis, you’ll find everything your kiddo needs to start the year on the right foot!

1. Ideal Uniforms

Ideal Uniforms is a great place to shop for school uniforms. They have a wide variety of school uniforms for boys and girls. They also have a large selection of embroidered and imprinted uniform items. The customer service is very helpful. If you ever have any problems they will make sure that they fix it. They also have a great return policy.

The clothing here is professional and color coded so that students can focus on their education. They also believe that uniforms help students build confidence and respect for themselves and the school. It also allows the school to identify students in case of an emergency or an accident. Students are not allowed to wear hats, beads, gang flags, du-rags, see-through clothes or jeans.

So, the next time your kids are complaining about going back to school, take them to one of these school uniform stores in NYC and let them get their shopping done early!

2. Midwood Uniforms

Whether you’re shopping for school-friendly polos, pleated skirts or masks, this NYC store has your back when it comes to your kids’ wardrobe. Shop by school (just enter your zip code) or by general boy and girl uniforms. You’ll also find accessories like backpacks and lunchboxes.

School uniform policies affect students of color disproportionally and can be a form of oppression. They impose a standard of dress that is rooted in European, male clothing and deprive students of their right to self-expression and cultural identity.

Fortunately, parents in New York City can opt out of any school’s uniform policy within 30 days of being informed of the requirement. But if you are still interested in a school that requires a uniform, here are some public schools with uniforms near me to consider.

3. The School Uniform Store

A trusted partner to NYC public schools, this retailer also outfits over 30 NYC Charter organizations. Its uniform options are durable and affordable, offering a full school year product guarantee for peace of mind. Its clothing is infused with Certainty antimicrobial and fluid barrier technology to keep students fresh & clean.

Parents rave about its easy-to-navigate online store, a vast selection of boys and girls uniform styles that match most schools’ requirements, and even accessories like masks! Its clothing is a little more expensive than supermarket competitors, but the quality, features and adjustability make it worth the extra investment.

A repeat winner for best supermarket uniform, this retailer’s range scored high marks for fit and sizing. It washes well and is long-lasting, with trousers featuring adjustable waistbands. Parents were also impressed with its SEN-friendly Dress With Ease range, which helps support independent dressing and includes touch-and-close fasteners on skirts and trousers. It’s also available in plus, slim and tall sizes.

4. Dennis Uniforms

School uniforms make getting ready for school easier, and may improve punctuality. They can also help to reduce disciplinary issues. However, school uniform policies restrict students’ right to free expression and are often used to enforce racial hierarchies in schools. They also impose a European, white standard of clothing on children of color, which limits their ability to express their identity and culture.

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